Friday, September 17, 2010

the begining of the lovely travel log!

Hello everyone! Now that we have arrived in Portland and had a chance to breathe, we are finally getting around to uploading all of our videos! Here is installment one of day one. I know it might not be much, but we unpacked and returned the u-haul, looked at 7 apartments, and explored downtown yesterday. We are doing our best! More tomorrow!


  1. Duuuuude these videos are awesome. <3 Much love to you both, welcome to the West! (by the way, this is Allegra)

  2. Can't seem to post a comment under my name...I LOVE
    these videos...can't wait to see a shot of the front of your house/apt. Tucker

  3. Oh did say my name...(so computer savvy)

  4. ahh you guys! its so fun to see your beautiful faces! awesome blog. hope you're happy frappy in portland and doing well. keep us updated! lots of love.